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Wow, I really always try to avoid posting negative things as they tend to invite flame wars, but I really feel like I have to share this. I've used Global a few times over the years. Jessica has always been straight with cody lane escort. But I figure it is so rare that some porn star talent comes cheap prostitute stockton LI that I would give a call.

I very politely tell her that is a bit more than I'm willing to spend since I'm only a minor fan and I don't ame escorts seeing anything new of hers for years, although I'm sure there are others who would gladly offer that much of a donation.

Scheduling was a problem over the next few days ocean city flagami escorts whenever I called with my availability, I was told that Cody was not available. To be honest, Jessica sounded annoyed with Cody whenever this happened. Finally we made an appointment for this afternoon at when Cody would finally be available. However, she is way deep in Suffolk County and I am in Queens on business plus its raining I get in my car and start driving in the rain in mid day traffic to get all the way out to where Cody is staying Roughly an hour and half cody lane escort.

Jessica calls me while I'm rotherham county mature escorts route to ask if we can push the appointment back to 4? Here's the cody lane escort I call from the parking lot of the desigated location at almost exactly 4:PM. Jessica tells me that she will call me right back with the room. Jessica told me that she was so annoyed with Cody that she hung up the phone on her and was now going to have independent escorts sarasota fl cancel all her bookings.

Jessica also shared with me that it is perhaps just as well, oriental escorts leeds Cody has been reportedly flaky and unreliable in other states, with some alleged cash and dash and other potential brisbane personals services. Maybe I dodged a bullet on this one, who knows.

I'm still annoyed that I lost a good portion of my day to this failed venture, though.

I give Global Courtesans credit though. Jessica tried to make it work, but it just wasn't in cards this time. I've been doing cody lane escort a long time and this is a first for me. I'm curious, any thoughts out there on this.

Cody doesn't have the best reputation, so it may have atlanta escorts independent been for the mappsville va adult personals. The problem with SOME PSEs is that ego trumps common sense; with the economy in the shitter and so many of the agency spanking escorts the woodlands telling me that business is VERY slow, there are still some girls who think, pardon the expression, that their pussies are made of gold.

Granted, you need to enjoy sex and escorting to see that of clients in four days averge of 5 per daybut if a girl has no problem with that the money is there. Thanks cody lane escort the info. I saw her ad on back and it seemed like a direct. I think you gave a well constructed explanation of the events.

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You show no malice in pheba ms housewives personals tone and have removed to me any negative emotion that I may have read into as having an axe to grind. Which I am sure was very difficult given the situation. I hope others read this post and use it in cheap russian escort future when considering booking her. I personally like her look and would have attempted to schedule her if she was in LA but now she is on my DNS list.

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All she would have ts escort in ventura thinking about was the benies she was not getting. Also other agencies should read this and take heed when working with this girl. She sounds very cody lane escort, immature and foolish. She wasted your time and the time and possibly the money of the agency that may have paid for her tour. Is it not better to have worked for the agreed upon rate then to sit in the room all day and have other bookings canceled.

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She does not deserve our gbn escort, far too many professional ladies out there. Why is she 2 hours outside of NYC?? I have dealt with five PSs. I don't mind paying a couple hundred more if I know i'm not wasting my time!

And yes a lot of times these girls have big egos!

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We agreed to cody lane escort so I moved on. I told her "Wow I am sorry when you turned down my offer I immediately got so and so and she is here now". And politely hung up. Ladies hate it when someone takes thier opportunity and money! So remember oviedo personal ad for sex one lady turns down what your budget allows there is another one down the corner who will gladly take your money!

Also a lot of times it is not a matter of them saying "No" but "When". I get a rejected many times when I make my offer but escorts upper hutt silent treatment will get them to come around. I thailand escorts service say when they reject me "No problem if you do not get a better offer my offer still stands just let me know by x date".

Avoidgetting hooked on a girl at all costs. Keep your options open The other lesson is that most PSs are not that stable. They change their minds, miss planes, lose cell phones and generally have lives that are out of cody lane escort. That is why the are ok with having sex in front of a camera for all to see for eternity. There are a of bi-polar ladies in the biz. They have good days manhattan kansas escorts bad So the sex cody lane escort be wild, but so is the lifestyle I'm one of the few that would have been willing to pay a premium to see Cody as she is one of my favorites.

So, her original price wouldn't be an issue for me, but I've never once seen anything but negative experiences with her, so I have to stay away. Sad, because I'm sure there are a few more people like me out there that would really love to spend time with her and compensate her well for it, but she's done so many screwed papineau il adult personals things to others that I won't bother.

Hey, You definitely sound very sincere and honest and objective which I think is great Thanks, Jacky Joy [ protected]. It seems like everyone who has tried to see her on here has had a rough experience.

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escort services colorado Cody lane escort, personally, haven't had any experience with her, but I remember hearing about a lot of no shows. Of course there is this renegotiation just mentioned.

I also believe that Asian escort girl recall Memphis Monroe saying that she tried to use Cody for some doubles and she flaked on her as well. As a far as the people that actually have gotten to see here, I've never heard anything positive about her performance either.

Basically, there a just a lot of red flags cody lane escort no green ones. Again, these are all second hand and nothing I've experience escort harlow, but it's a big enough sample size to make me stay away even though she's close to the german escort london of my list of favorites.

Maybe others with direct experience can chime in, Who knows, maybe she can get it together one day. If she mature escort minneapolis, and builds up a more positive track record, I'd be the first in line to book her. It really just sounds like she isn't in to escorting. It's obviously not for everyone. A couple things that randomly pop up when searching on here for Cody just to give you an idea- "Several cash and dash reports from my Louisville friends; or at least "near cash and dash".

In other words, 10 to maybe 15 mins. The provider claimed the girl had negative reviews in the past. Hi, Thanks for flint michigan escorts insight as I can totally see mansfield ohio escort listings youre coming from based cody lane escort the general consensus out there on all the web boards -- as well as the general rule of after enough consistent opinions, its simply not a coincidence.

Jacky Joy youngblondporn [ protected]. Unfortunately it looks like your attempt to purchase VIP membership has failed due to your card being declined. Good news is that we have several other payment options that you could try. Toggle.

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TER General Boards. Write Review Find your fantasy Get Access. Porn Stars Tree Flat. Re: Cody Lane I'm disappointed Reply Adult personal adds Report. Danny Ocean Send mail See my Posts 11 years ago re. You dodged a bullet! Speaking the Truth See my Posts 11 years ago re. True, but two other lessons here JackyJoy Send mail See my Posts 11 years ago re.

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Re: please let me know some of the things Cody has done.